MIT Event: Chaos at Open AI ends with losers and winners

Ralf Haller
Nov 23, 2023
MIT Event: Chaos at Open AI ends with losers and winners
November 23, 2023
The drama that unfolded at Open AI and its results moving forward are well discussed by three MIT Review AI journalists.

Worth watching as they are really informed and know what they are talking about.

I share most of their views, some of them are:

  • Sam Altmann, noone will stop him now
  • Microsoft could have been burned here terribly as the stock dip clearly showed but now they are coming stronger out of it
  • Open Source will profit from this as everyone will want to look at alternatives (if you are not out of your mind)
  • Other AI LLM companies like Anthropic already used these days to do a social media push
  • Regulators, the AI EU Act is definitely needed as this drama has clearly shown to everyone who thought self-regulation is needed (the adjustments being made now are probably also needed to not stifle innovation)


  • Anyone who wants to be cautious about AI development at these tech firms will have a hard stand as it is now all about productization
  • The Open AI board members who are still there will have lost trust with the people and it will be hard to win it back