October 19, 2023 - Zürich

The Future of Energy

Opening: 8am CET

The focus of this event is centered on achieving three main goals:

  • Energy security: nations should aim to be as independent as possible in their energy consumption and not rely heavily on other countries.

  • Decarbonization through scalable solutions, rather than piecemeal ideas that may only work at a small scale.

  • Open and neutral approach, where all viable contributions are considered and no dogma is allowed, as the problems at hand are too pressing to be limited by fixed beliefs.


Event Details

Who should attend

This event is suitable for decision-makers from energy utilities, industrial processing, government policymakers, technology providers, energy-tech investors, and leading energy-tech startups.

# People we expect

350 in person (on invitation only) and many thousands online.


Max. 20 min summary presentations, 40 min panel discussions, keynotes, general and 1:1 networkings.

No pay-to-play speakers

In an effort to maintain the integrity and quality of our event, we do not allow paid speakers or "pay-to-play" speakers, who may use the stage as a platform for sales pitches. Sponsors must confine their presentations to the event's designated topics.

Impressive speakers

An astoundingly impressive C-suite and founder-heavy speaker lineup.